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    Woofer: Larger arealoudspeakerthat reproduces bass, mid-bass and midrange (50 Hz to 5,000 Hz) well. They have rigid rim and their size can range from 1.2 “to 18”. It is suitable for playing bass drum, drum, piano, bass and guitar sounds Subwoofer: Your playback is further down than the playback of the woofers. It is a ...
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    As some have already seen we debuted the Studio R column last week, with a curious post about the impact that brand amplifiers have had on the FMU in Miami. Today’s matter is first and foremost an alert for those who have very powerful boxes and amplifiers or so powerful … Using speakers with far ...
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    There was a time when the music was marketed on vinyl records that are placed on gramophones, and endless collections of caskets for Walkman to arrive at the physical disks. It should be noted that during the 2000s, the music industry experienced what is called the disk crisis due to the development of digital media ...
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    This multi-ply suspension owes its name to its resemblance to a spider web. Located around the core of the loudspeaker and attached to the bowl, it dampens considerably the movements. Its action is prolonged by the crown suspension of the membrane.
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    If you sometimes wonder what your speaker’s membrane is or why it’s moving around, the following should be of interest to you. A loudspeaker is composed of a mobile copper coil, housed in the air gap of a powerful magnet, which moves at the mercy of the electric current sent to it by the amplifier ...
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